Ups delivery truck specs

Something important is going on in the world of commercial vehicles. Recently, UPS made an important announcement about its plans to roll out 50 new midsize electric delivery trucks in Atlanta, Dallas, and Los Angeles. The headline is that, for the first time, the electric trucks are expected to cost the company no more than regular diesel vehicles. These new trucks will create significant additional value for the business in ongoing operational savings, improved routing efficiency, and brand building.

Passenger electric cars get all the press, especially when someone launches one into space. But something important is going on in the world of commercial vehicles as well. More recently, UPS made an important announcement about its plans to roll out 50 new midsize electric delivery trucks in Atlanta, Dallas, and Los Angeles.

Up-front price is no longer a barrier. In short, the electric vehicles EVs are much better than just a break-even proposition. Before explaining how this will play out, some context. FedEx got there early in the U. But until now, companies have spent more up front in order to test EVs out. Electric trucks were generally considered unworkable, both economically and in terms of the power needed to haul big loads.

What happened to change the situation? And new composite materials are allowing for lighter vehicles, which extend the range of batteries. That plus better batteries will give the truck an electric range of around miles, enough for most routes in and around cities. To show how serious UPS is about EVs, it also announced an interesting investment in EV infrastructure in London to allow more vehicles to recharge simultaneously. The return on investment is even better than it appears.

These new EVs will cost less to run, use better technology to increase efficiency, and build intangible brand value for the company. First, the total cost of ownership will be lower.

UPS Diesel HEV Delivery Truck

The EVs will use much less energy. And, yes, an EV running off an electric grid with fossil fuels is still cleaner, no matter where in the U. The maintenance costs will also be lower, since EVs have fewer parts and fluids.You may have a good relationship with your UPS driver, but how much do you really know about his or her job? The brown-clad United Parcel Service workers deliver more than 15 million packages a day to more than countries and territories around the world; they even deliver to the North Pole.

Here are some little-known facts from drivers who did their time. UPS knows time is money, and it is obsessed with using data to increase productivity. All this data is compiled for UPS analysts who use it to come up with time-saving tactics. They learn how to handle heavy boxes, which are filled with cinder blocks to simulate real packages. The way UPS sees it, backing up increases the likelihood that a driver will unintentionally bump into something or someone.

It had everything in there: flares, booster cables, flashlight, tape, you name it.

Service Center Information

I got a set of golf clubs one year. I wore them out. I was just getting to the good gifts like bikes and gas grills. There were some drivers that sat on the hood of a car for an hour or more. Their handheld devices can also keep track of houses that might have dangerous dogs on the property and warn drivers ahead of time.

ups delivery truck specs

Some drivers get cash, especially around the holidays. A construction company gave me a piece of foot wood that would have cost hundreds of dollars. More tenured drivers get the privilege of bidding for the routes they want. The best routes, employees say, cover lots of ground but have few stops. So rural routes are often run by employees who have done their time. By obsessively tracking its drivers see 1UPS found that "a significant cause of idling time resulted from drivers making left turns, essentially going against the flow of traffic," according to Elizabeth Rasberrya former UPS public relations manager.

Drivers are instead encouraged to drive in right-hand loops to get to their destination. Today, many of the routes are designed to avoid left turns, and UPS says the policy has saved million gallons of gas and reduced carbon emissions bymetric tons since The habit sticks with drivers long after they've handed in the keys to their big brown truck. UPS drivers can discern a lot about your life through a cracked door. We see if you have a maid.

We know if you have orgies at your house.

ups delivery truck specs

It happened to me twice.Discussion in ' Pacific Northwet - Where it's green. And wet. Log in or Join. Adventure Rider. DiggerDNov 30, The UPS delivery truck big walk in box showed up today sporting a gas engine. Not a de-smell. B4 the de-smells they were powered by Fords work horse, the C.

UPS Truck-Gas Engine

Makes me wonder He snuck up on us today, quite engine, triggered the comment on engine swap. WVhillbillyNov 30, The one that delivers to my house is a step van chassis, with a 6. It sounds exactly like my old work truck, Silverado HD. I thought the old ones were Chevy. ADV Sponsors. Most if not all the trucks in the fleet at my hub in Seattle are either gas a few or diesel the majority.

The Trucks and engines are from a wide varity of manufacturers. The one I drive is a diesel P12 made by Freightliner. Joined: Nov 29, Oddometer: 6, Location: pdx.

I worked for a tow company with the UPS contract.

ups delivery truck specs

I have never seen a retired UPS truck in private hands. DiggerDDec 1, It came again today. It's a V8, with more "pep". Did a quick peek thru the wheel wells, over top of the wheels. You can look right at the side of the motor over the wheel without opening the hood.

It's burning Gas, not propane. Ride NowDec 1, We were doing Site Work for a scrap iron grinder. They had mountains of raw scrap waiting to be processed. In those mountains were bunches of old UPS trucks. They used them like big bricks to shore up the corners of the stacks. Eventually it all turns into little chewed up pieces headed for the smelter.

Nobody in their right mind would buy an old UPS truck anyway. They get hammered pretty hard. ZuberDec 1, I know UPS did a swap in aboutfrom a cummins A? The trannys were std SAE bell housings. They farmed this out to local shops and the old perkins motors were everywhere in Missouri. The truck bodies they use now are custom made for UPS only.The shipping company has a policy strictly prohibiting the resale of their trucks.

ups delivery truck specs

Not only do they not sell them, but they make it nearly impossible for an old truck to slip back to the streets in full-UPS livery. Once UPS Package Cars have concluded their lives of being beat to hell on crowded city streets and rural dirt roads for hours on end, they get repainted white to assure that only in-service trucks can pass for official UPS vehicles.

Some are then repurposed for internal jobs, moving things around UPS facilities or transporting workers. But not all Package Cars make it to internal service. Even those that briefly experience an afterlife at a UPS facility will eventually meet the same fate, as the rule is simple: when the company is done with them, UPS scraps every one of its package cars. What the company is protecting, a spokesperson confirmed to Jalopnik, is its brand.

Plus, with such an old and expansive fleet, spare parts are never in short supply. As for the inspiration of this policy, some have heard a compelling rumor that a crafty robber used the borderline-invisibility of a parked UPS truck as part of a series of bank robberies.

This flagrant abuse of the brand, the story goes, sparked suspicion and distrust of real UPS trucks and forced the company to stop reselling their Package Cars.

Truly a great story, but unfortunately not true. Not only could we not find any record of this, but a UPS spokesperson confirmed its an urban myth. Most people agree that you shouldn't listen to him.

UPS Driving School, Road Test, and Physical

The A. Mack Hogan. Filed to: UPS. Mack Hogan Posts Twitter. Share This Story. Get our newsletter Subscribe. What Should I Buy?It is also used by Canada Post. The main design points of the vehicle in contract competition were serviceability, handling in confined areas, and overall economical operation. As its name suggests, the Grumman LLV is easily capable of a long life, perhaps approaching 20 years of operation.

The lifespan specified by the U. Postal Service was 24 years, but in this was extended to 30 years. The body and final assembly is by Grumman, and the chassis based on the Chevrolet S Blazer is made by General Motorswith the powerplant 2. In the United Statesthe Grumman LLV is the most common vehicle used by letter carriers for curbside and residential delivery of mailreplacing the previous standard letter-carrier vehicle, the Jeep DJ Curbside delivery from a driver seated in a vehicle to a curbside mailbox is sometimes termed "mounted delivery", in contrast to walking delivery.

The USPS bought overof these vehicles, the last one in It also features a large metal tray, which is able to hold three trays of letter mail, mounted where a passenger seat would normally be. This arrangement positions the driver on the side of the vehicle closest to the curbenabling the carrier to easily grab sorted mail and place it into mailboxes without having to leave the seat. Other notable features are an exceptionally tight turning radius [8] and a low-geared, 3 speed transmission [2] for hauling heavy cargo.

Postal Service serial number, usually starting with,,or The first digit of the number represents the year it was made. The LLVs also suffer from a number of design flaws including lack of air conditioning and a heater prone to breaking down.

The wheels and suspension are not suited for the all-terrain and all-weather needs of delivering mail and require snow chains during inclement weather. In some areas, LLVs have been replaced with vans and minivansincluding the Dodge Grand Caravan and Dodge Ram ProMaster[7] which tend to be much more comfortable for postal workers, especially in extreme climates. Inthe USPS reviewed options for replacement. Canada Post also adopted the Grumman LLV, but aroundit began studying whether to refurbish, upgrade, or replace its fleet.

The LLV has a unique footprint. The front wheels taken from the two-wheel-drive S Blazer model have narrower spacing than the rear wheels using the rear axle from the four-wheel-drive S Blazer model. The front of the vehicle also has low ground clearance. While this has advantages, there are some trade offs.

The vehicle was tested successfully in warmer climates, but when used in places with substantial snow fall, they became difficult to control and were poorly adapted to those conditions.

Half of the prototypes will feature hybrid and new technologies, including alternative fuel capabilities. The prototypes will represent a variety of vehicle sizes and drive configurations, in addition to advanced power trains and a range of hybrid technologies. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Postal Service" PDF. Department of Energy.This is all pretty exciting, but what happens next? The first thing that they will do is have a supervisor take you out in a delivery truck for a road test.

This may sound nerve-racking, but it is not that bad. They say that the supervisor will come from another center, but odds are it will be your local supervisor. It really depends on your location. The point of this road test is to make sure you can handle the equipment.

It tells them very quickly whether you are worth the investment of sending to driving school. Before you go any further, make sure that you can drive a manual transmission and are comfortable driving a large vehicle. Keep in mind, though, that they are going to take the biggest, oldest, run-down piece of shit truck that they have in their possession to determine that you have the ability to handle their equipment.

They are not fun to drive, but your supervisor just wants to see you handle a stick and hold your own in the beast. It really comes down to what kind of supervisor you have. Some are sticklers and others just take you out to go through the motions. This is basically a general checkup to make sure there is nothing physically wrong with you.

You will pee in a cup. They tell you that this is for medical testing and not drug testing, but who really knows. I would rather be clean for this, though. Then you will get the usual eye exam, reflexes, yada yada. The grand finale comes with the hernia check, which is actually done with your underwear on nowadays, just so you know. With that in mind, I have created this section especially for those of you who want to know the real deal with what will happen there. There are two possibilities for anyone going to UPS driving school.

You will either be sent to an Integrad location or a local UPS driving school. Which one you are sent to depends on your location. If you are located near Landover, Maryland or Chicago, Illinois; odds are you are being sent to Integrad. Integrad is a high-tech UPS training facility where you are groomed to become a UPS driver through rigorous exercises using advanced technology.

From what I hear, this is a very tough program to pass, but most candidates are not sent here being there are only two locations. Read more about Integrad at the Brown Cafe. I did not get sent here, so I do not have the most helpful information. From what I hear, there are driving simulators and even a mock village where you will simulate timed deliveries for your final test.

Most prospective drivers are sent to a local UPS facility near a major city in your area. You will be put up in a hotel room near the facility where you will stay most likely Monday through Friday. Everything is paid for and you are compensated for a meals and gas mileage to the hotel and back home. Bring a credit card to have on file at the hotel for their damage security. You will probably find this week to be your most profitable as a UPS employee up to this point.

You will be given uniforms, which will need to be pressed and clean every day, as you will wear them to class. Class starts at 8 AM and goes til PM this may vary. You will spend most of your day in a classroom or touring the facility.The iconic brown delivery trucks used by the United Parcel Service didn't always look like they do today, but a set of photos from the UPS archive shows that they may have always at least been big and boxy. In its earliest stages, messengers delivered packages on foot or bicycle, but inthe company acquired its first Model T Ford delivery truck, and later expanded its fleet to include motorcycles.

The images below give some insight into how UPS got packages to customers before adopting the gigantic brown box trucks that we all wait excitedly for today. US Edition U. Coronavirus News U. HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes. Newsletters Coupons. Terms Privacy Policy. Part of HuffPost Business. All rights reserved. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. UPS Archives. Merchants Parcel Delivery motorcycles first mechanized form of delivery vehicles used in UPS shut down the service in In these electric powered package cars shown here traveled the streets of LA.

UPS restarted air service in using space on passenger planes. UPS tries out a great number of different vehicles to fit package volume to miles driven. Classic UPS bubble front delivery vehicle.

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